How do I certify my account?

When you first register to Cam.TV and sign-in, you are asked to go through an account certification process that implies the verification of your mobile number.
This Certification process helps us keep Cam.TV’s Community safe and protected from identity theft, cyber fraud and improper use of the platform.
If completed successfully:
  •  become a certified member of the Community with full access to all the features of the platform
If you don’t go through the account Certification process upon your first sign-in, every time you will log into your Cam.TV account there will be an orange banner (header section of the page) reminding you that the procedure is still pending.
You will also not have full access to all the features of Cam.TV. You will not be able to:
  •  Publish posts or comments
  •  Customise your Personal Channel
  •  Create thematic channels
  •  Chat with other users
The certification process consists of 4 simple dialogue windows:
  1. In the first window enter your personal data, your home address and your email address (these are all mandatory data and are treated confidentially in compliance with current Privacy regulations).
  2. In the Second window enter the mobile number to which we can send you a verification code via SMS.
  3. In the Third window enter the verification code that you’ve received.
  4. In the Fourth window, if everything is processed correctly, a message will appear to confirm that the certification process has been completed successfully. You will also receive a confirmation via email for the successful verification of your account.
If you do not receive the verification code or you can not enter it in the box within 1 minute you can:
  •  Click on the Resend button to send a new verification code to your mobile
  •  request a Manual Verification.
If you choose Manual Verification, we will ask you:
  •  To confirm the Mobile number, through which our operators will contact you directly
  •  at which time you prefer to be contacted
  •  any further information.
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